alightmotion MOD APK

Alight Motion Mod APK

(Official Site: Alight Motion)

Alight Motion is a popular software among the audience to perform pro level motion graphics editing. The Alight Motion App has a highly fantastic set of features that allow you to create amazing output, including animation, visual effects, composting and standard video editing.

The official Alight Motion application also has fantastic features like audio library, vector shapes, freehand drawing facility and much more.

But everything has its downsides as well. Similarly, there are some limitations that the official application of alight motion offers. Like most apps, alight motion also has a free and paid version of itself. Some of the significant drawbacks of using its free version include that the videos are rendered with a watermark, and advertisements that disturb the workflow keep showing up. Along with this, the app might be a bit difficult to use for beginners.

To eliminate all these issues users face and enhance their experience while using alight motion, we have developed an Alight Motion Mod APK. The mod version of Alight Motion removes almost every restriction imposed in the original version of the app. The app includes all the unlocked paid features and helps you create awesome videos like never before.

Official Alight MotionAlight Motion Mod
Premium VersionPAID ($29/YEAR)FREE

No Watermark

Render all your edits cleanly. The Alight Motion Mod Apk comes with a no watermark feature.

This means that you can export all your videos without any watermark that too for completely free.

No Advertisements

Original Alight Motion application bugged users with tons of disturbing advertisements.

With our Alight Motion Mod Apk, you will get an advertisement free experience never to break your work again.

 Lag Free Experience

Alight Motion is a heavy application; therefore, it sometimes lags when you use it.

Our Alight Motion Mod Apk offers smooth and lag-free workspace to carry out your work easily.

Unlock All Font

Using the Latest Alight Motion Mod, you get complete access to import any font and use it in your work with ease.

Allowing you to add more creativity to your work and not limit you in any manner.

All Presets Available

Alight Motion application will not limit you from accessing only a bunch of presets.

Now you can use any preset you wish from the app using the mod apk. 

Chroma Key Unlocked

Mod allows users to specifically choose the exact color shade you want with the chroma key feature in Alight Motion.

There are no restrictions on using them, and you don’t have to pay for it either.

Perks Of Alight Motion

Alight Motion comes with a lot of perks. Unlocking most features of the original applications, this version provides you complete control over your editing works and does not restricts you in any manner.

Here are some intriguing perks of Alight Motion Mod:

Multiple Export Formats

Alight motion will never limit you again in any manner. When creating videos, rendering and exporting them in different qualities is a versatile feature that many apps don’t offer. Often when you are editing videos, you might need to export them in different formats for different purposes. But most apps either don’t have this option or you have to pay them to gain access to it.

Similar is the case with the original Alight Motion apk where you will have to purchase the premium plan to export your videos in multiple formats. But no more limiting yourself while editing. With our Alight Motion Mod APK you get the ease of exporting your videos in any format including PNG, JPEG, GIF or XML. You can also render these videos for different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and others.

No Advertisements

Ads often interrupt us while we are actively working on editing a video. This is the most unwanted thing a person would expect. But apps pop up quite a number of advertisements in between your workflow to generate some amount. 

But you don’t have to watch these advertisements anymore. In this mod application of Alight Motion, there are absolutely no ads allowed throughout the application. So get an uninterrupted working environment and boost your creativity to the highest level with this application.

Blending Modes

Blending modes are an essential part of video editing when looking to create some awesome and professional videos. These blending modes help you adjust different shapes and sizes of different screens while editing. With the help of blending modes, you can add different layers in your videos with ease. Thus, blending modes help you render videos in a more creative manner. 

Use these blending modes in our Alight Motion mod application completely free of cost and create awesome videos like never before.

 Import Editing Materials

If you want to use your own editing materials apart from the ones provided by Alight Motion, you have complete access to it. This Alight Motion application gives you complete freedom to import any editing material you want from your local storage into the application. You can even download different types of materials from the Alight Motion online library. 

These editing materials help you enhance your work quality and also increase your editing speed to save time. Thus, this is another useful and handy feature of the app.

Watermark Free Rendering

While the official Alight Motion app would render videos with a watermark on it, it might not give your videos a professional look. Moreover, in order to remove these watermarks, you have to pay and buy the premium subscription of the application. 

But no need to purchase the premium plan anymore. With our mod Alight Motion application, say goodbye to watermarks and render your videos absolutely without watermarks. This means that you will edit videos in the same manner but there would be no watermark on them after you export them.

Save Elements For Later Use

Elements that you import from your local storage or download from the Alight Motion online library can be reused in different projects multiple times. This Alight Motion apk allows you to save these elements and use them later whenever needed.

This prevents your efforts of searching for new elements again and again every time you want to use them. This is an essential feature for professional level editors who don’t have much time to spend on one particular project. So download this Alight Motion apk and make the best out of this feature.

Multiple Fonts Available

Another essential feature of this application is that it allows you to use thousands of different fonts. Fonts can change the look of your videos entirely and users often face difficulty in finding the best fonts for their projects. This is because most applications have only a limited number of fonts. 

But with this Mod APK, you get access to an amazing collection of fonts that you can use completely free of cost for your projects. There are around 2000 different font options that you can choose from. Along with this you can even animate your texts and also add different graphics to them. This will enhance the quality of your video overall and also make your video stand out from the crowd.

Auto AI Tool

Being a master of motion graphics, Alight Motion app has an extremely smart AI tool that is capable of creating animated and motion effects professionally. With the mod Alight Motion apk, you can free access to this amazing AI and with the help of it, you can create professional high quality videos in no time.

Key Frame Availability

The key frame feature in the Alight Motion application is a pro feature. This is one of the most versatile and unique features of the app. With the help of it you can easily enhance your video animation process. WIth the help of the key-frame option you can edit your videos frame by frame and in a professional manner. 

The key-frame feature allows you complete control over your video where you can set the position of objects and do much more frame by frame. Therefore, it enhances your editing experience overall and brings a professional look to your videos.

Color Correction

This advanced application lets you easily enhance and make corrections to your video color. With the help of the color adjustment feature of Alight Motion, you can improve the color quality of your videos and give them an entirely new look. 

The app offers three ways to adjust the color of your videos including the RGB colors, HSL colors and HSV colors. 

Multiple Visual Effects

VFX is the future of video editing. Today, every video demands a special visual effect to stand out from the normal ones. This is where Alight Motion offers you a bunch of many visual effects including shadows, exposure, color tune, highlights and much more.

The mod version of the app allows you to use these visual effects completely free of cost. There are more than 1000 effects available in the application and you can use them to enhance the quality of your videos. 

Exciting? Isn’t it?

How to Download & Install Alight Motion Mod Apk?

Interested in installing the Alight Motion Mod apk for free? Follow the steps below:

  • Download the Alight Motion Mod APK from the button below.

  • To install the apk file, make sure that you have enabled the Install/Download from Unknown Sources from your settings.
  • Navigate to Settings>Security and enable the Unknown Sources option.
  • Once done, open and install the downloaded apk file (installation might take a few seconds.)

That’s it. Your Alight Motion is now ready to be used.  

Free VS Mod Alight Motion

Wondering what are the major differences between the free & the mod version? Here you go.

Free Official Alight Motion AppAlight Motion Mod App
WatermarksWatermark on each projectNo watermark at all
AdvertisementsPop Up Ads frequently shownNo Ads throughout the app
LaggingMight lag sometimesLag-free working environment
XML SupportNo XML supportXML supported
Import Editing MaterialsNot availableImport editing material from local storage or browse the online library
Import FontsLimited Fonts OnlyGet 1000+ fonts and also import more of your choice
Export FormatsLimited Formats AvailableMultiple formats available
Premium VersionPurchase ($29/Year) Free 

What Users Say About Alight Motion?

The Original Alight Motion app has managed to make a positive impact on its users. While there might be some negative reviews too, but most users loved the app and rated it wholeheartedly. Being rated by more than 834K customers, the Alight Motion App has managed to crack the game by earning a rating of 4.2 stars.

Here are some insights by the people who are using the Mod version by

Angelique commented “Unlike the original application, this version does not lag at all and its blending feature is what I loved the most.

Alam Molla wrote “Hello, I really liked this app because it was professional and I was able to make trendy edits with good transition effects. I did subscribe to the paid version but the constant lag made me hop on to the version which is pretty smooth.

If you cannot afford to buy the premium version, try out our mod version but make sure you support the developer by subscribing to the original application when possible.

FAQs | Alight Motion

Is Alight Motion Mod APK Safe?

Yes, this Alight Motion Mod APK is like just another normal application on your device. Therefore, it will cause absolutely no damage to your device nor will invade your privacy and is therefore safe to use. However, there are similar websites that offer the same application, so, make sure you download the mod from or a reliable source.

How to Get Alight Motion without a Watermark?

When using the official Alight Motion application, you will have to purchase its premium plan to render your videos without watermark. Another way is to use the Alight Motion Mod and render videos without watermark absolutely free.

Is Alight Motion Paid?

The Alight Motion app comes with a free as well as a paid version. You can unlock all the premium features for about $29 for a year or by opting for the mod application, which is absolutely free.

To conclude, there are multiple reasons why you must consider to use the Alight Motion Mod APK over the official app. Using it will not only boost up your editing work but also create a more attractive, decent and professional video.

Although, the information about the mod version of the Alight Motion app on our website is just for general knowledge and educational purposes. This website does not promote the use of any such application nor does it promote it in any manner. It is completely your choice whether to use it or not.